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Discover the Changes in the Healthcare Industry Yesterday and Today

Don’t you want to Discover the Changes in the Healthcare Industry Yesterday and Today? We live in a world where change is the only thing that remains constant. In all aspects of man’s life, it’s normal and vital that we adapt to changes that happen in our surrounding. In the healthcare industry, there had been various changes and advancements that occurred in terms of the technology used to provide healthcare amenities. Hence, you wouldn’t doubt about the improvements and changes in the healthcare industry in the past years. Find out the different changes and advancement that took place while reading this.  

In the past years, patient’s records are printed and then kept in a place where there is limited access now, they are stored in computers or laptop. This allowed a medical personnel to find the data or information needed with ease. Today, most healthcare organization make use of an electronic health record. With it, the process has become easier as various systems have been integrated into just a single platform providing efficiency in handling patient’s information.

The Role of Technology in Change

The technology has played an important role in registering and monitoring a patient’s information and details. In the past years, a patient is necessary to go to a doctor’s clinic for consultation but now, people can have it in the comfort of their home through a video chat and other advanced methods available. It is when Telehealth was made known. Not only that, a number of advanced medical technologies has been catered to medical professionals allowing them to easily monitor a patient. It’s not only that, they are also now capable of receiving or sending the information of a patient via mobile phone. Through a wireless connection, all these things were made possible.

Medicine Cost Went Skyrocketing

Along with the change and great transformation in the healthcare industry come the skyrocketing costs of prescription medication drugs. Currently, the continuous rise of medicine prices is considered one of the major concerns of consumers. This calls the attention of healthcare and medical institutions to stop medicine prices from going up.

How much is the price of prescription medicines rose recently? Based on recent surveys and analysis, the increased range is about 10.9% in 2014. Medicines used for treating stiffness and muscle pain climber up to 29.8%, drugs to combat the chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases jumped 23% and the sales 26.6% for sales inflammation. Even the generic drugs also have its price increase. The increased cost for the brand name drugs according to some of the analysts reflect as an inflationary pressure.

For those who have low-income and fixed income Americans, paying for the rising cost of the prescription drugs could mean cutting back on their daily expenses. Moreover, seven percent said that they have missed a mortgage payment just to pay for the rising cost.

Now, the medical industry it pays attention in giving alternatives to people who cannot afford high-cost medicines. With these changes in the healthcare industry, we all need to be flexible enough to go with the change. For more information call today First Health Pro at 718-247-9897