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Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Nursing

FAQs About Travel Nursing. As you know today the Travel nursing has significantly become one of the highlights in the nursing profession for the past years. As this thrilling job opportunity becomes more prevalent, more and more people are getting curious and interested about it. Are you one of these curious individuals? Well, below are relevant FAQs about travel nursing that may help you answer the questions in your mind.

Who can become a traveling nurse?

Travel nursing is an open opportunity to Registered Nurses and Surgical Technologists who have acquired at least one of clinical experience in hospitals.

How long does every assignment last?

Most of the travel nursing assignments last for about 8 to 26 weeks long. There are also times when healthcare facilities would offer you with options of renewing your contract if you want to stay a bit longer. This will give you more time to think and decide when and where you like to work.

Is my family allowed to come with me?

Yes, you can go with you family. You will be given the option to travel with your family. However, you may be charged for a part of your housing. Nevertheless, this is great for you to travel with your family. Another good news is that pets are also allowed to come!

Can I pick the city?

You can pick your city but this depends on the demand and your nursing specialty. Your chosen city may not be instantly available but there are also a lot of travel opportunities you can have and you never know, maybe your preferred city will be available eventually.

What is the pay like?

Due to the high demand, traveling nurses are often paid well. Moreover, travel nursing agencies also pay for the housing while the travel nurse is on assignment. The compensation may vary on skill level, facilities, and specialty. There are several travel nursing companies that give bonus programs as well as provide medical, dental, and retirement benefits.

If an assignment has been cut short because of the low patient count, do I still get fully paid?

If your current assignment has been cut short because of the census, you will typically not get paid. But your recruiter will find a replacement assignment, as well as the number of shifts that can be canceled, will be stated in the contract.

What is an extension assignment?

An extension assignment is an additional assignment that you will receive from the facility where you are presently working while you are still a travel nurse. Most hospitals typically wait for the last 3 to 5 weeks of your assignment before offering an extension. However, you should also talk to your recruiter first as soon as possible if ever you are interested in accepting the extension and no longer wait for the process to start.

Can I travel with another travel nurse?

Yes, you can. There are several traveling registered nurses who choose assignments together. You can also request to do work in the same city, hospital, and share an apartment with other travel nurses.

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