Lower Staffing Levels of Nurses 'Put Patients' Lives at Risk_ First Health Pro

What happens to patients when nurses are short-staffed?

Lower staffing levels of nurses ‘put patients’ lives at risk. Staffing levels can increase the risk of complications and even death if low enough. When staffing levels are too low, work goes undone. Registered nurses cannot get to every patient, cannot do everything they have to do, and the patients suffer as a result. Even when looking at common surgery post-care, their health can deteriorate quickly and when the nursing levels are not there. This is even more troublesome for higher risk patients. Having constant, manageable levels of registered nurses is imperative to keep every patient in the hospital in the best condition possible and give them the highest chance at recovery.

Lower Staffing Levels

These days, lower staffing levels is a serious problem. Lower levels of registered nurses are something we are seeing all across the world. There are not enough nurses to do the jobs and the nurses on staff are stretched thin. They simply cannot do the work necessary to take care of all the patients. Certain tasks go undone or they have to rush to help some patients, all because the levels are too low to manage the huge amount of patients that come through their doors.

Due to all of this, patients are at a higher risk of death and complications. This extends beyond the patients already at a high risk, too. Patients recovering from common, relatively safe surgeries may face complications and the risk of death due to this. Patients that would otherwise be fine are not receiving the care they require.

Bringing Up the Levels

Restoring the levels of registered nurses is vital to patient morality and health. Without such levels, there is no way to ensure that the patients receive the care they need. Registered nurses are put into a position of heavy responsibilities, taking care of nearly every patient need. When they cannot attend to patients completely, and when they cannot do everything they must, patients suffer.

This is not due to malice, either. Simply put, they need more registered nurses. Bringing up the levels takes the stress off the current nursing staff while freeing them up to care for more patients. It is beneficial to nurses and patients alike.

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