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How to Nail a Job Interview by the First Impression

How to Nail a Job Interview by the First Impression. Nailing a job interview by the first impression takes seconds. Luckily, there are already many hiring managers these days who are taking more time to formulate their own opinion about the job applicant. You need not allow that to happen if you really want to make the first impression only for a few seconds.If you are one of those applicants who wanted to make a first impression, consider the following tips on how to nail a job interview.

  • Be Aware That First Impression Will Start Right Away

Be very careful when you wait for the interviewer to come and call you as the receptionist will already have a first impression of you. This kind of impression can be shared with the interviewer which may affect your application.

  • Smile

It may sound simple, but it is considered to be one of the most powerful tools to make the first impression that lasts. This is a very powerful type of facial expression that shapes interaction even with the presence of other essential information. Applicants who are smiling are expected to be attractive, intelligent, sincere, reliable and most importantly, more relaxed.

  • Give Firm Handshake

A firm handshake should not be painful. It leaves the most subtle impression of happiness and confidence. Apart from that, you should also combine it with eye contact.  Handshake without the combination of eye contact takes away the first impression which you are trying to build.

  • Start Creating a Rapport

During the stage of greeting, make sure that you’re the first person who will initiate the conversation. This is due to the fact that it shows confidence and respect. Don’t be too in a hurry to rush greetings or start a conversation since this may just make you completely appear nervous.  Always be at your best in connecting with your interviewer without showing signs of nervousness.

  • Be Willing to Accept Vulnerability

It is always best to showcase all the success you’ve acquired in life but if you really want to nail a job interview by first impressions, you also need to describe some realistic situations that describe your personality when things didn’t work based on a plan.  When you describe your failure during a job interview, it gives the interviewer an idea as to how you’re reacting to some difficult challenges in your work field.

  • Ask Reliable Questions

Asking reliable questions also gives you the chance to know whether the job position you are applying for is suited for you while letting you sell yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask questions since the interviewer might be showing their willingness to answer and might get an insight that you really want to work in their company.

These are only some of the things you need to consider on how to nail a job interview by the first impression. By following these tips, you are not just going to create a first impression but there could also be a great possibility for you to be hired on the spot. Learn more at