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4 Ways to Keep your Personal Touch As a Recruiter

4 ways to keep your personal touch as a recruiter – Hiring a great professional can be extremely tricky most of the time, mainly because it will require a lot of time and effort to differentiate the good potential hires from the best. But as long as you take your time and retain a personal touch, you will see that the results can be outstanding. Yet you have to wonder, how can you maintain a personal touch as a recruiter? Doing this is not as easy as you may imagine, so here are some great ways to help you do that right away.

Harness the power of social media

Social media is a great medium for recruiters that want to find out more about potential hires. The reason is simple; here you can see the professionalism that the candidate can deliver, not to mention you can also identify the way he interacts with other people as well. Social media removes any bias, and it gives you a glimpse into the life of that candidate. Don’t hesitate and give this a shot, it will be a very distinct way to stand out as a recruiter. After all, not all recruiters are using modern technologies like this, so opting for a different approach like this can indeed be worth it.

Use video interviewing

In case a candidate can’t reach a specific meeting due to various issues, don’t just leave him away from the equation. Make sure that you use video interviewing and use this method to request a pre-recorded video based on some questions or to schedule a live meeting whenever the candidate is available.

Be very comprehensive with your screening process

One of the best ways to maintain your personal touch is to have your way of screening CVs. Some methods tend to take a lot of time, and they involve countless hours of research. But some recruiters are very objective, and they can easily read when a person lies or not. The idea here is to figure out which type of tools should you use for screening or if you want to trust your gut.

Know how to communicate

Always try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Make sure that you are a good communicator and you always understand where they are coming from. As a recruiter, you need to have a very good human side, and you need to understand people and their concerns. It will certainly be a challenge to interview and talk with a wide range of people, but it can also be very interesting. This way you can identify which people are great and which aren’t. Create a list of questions for each candidate and don’t hesitate to spend more time talking with them and studying this character. The interview process doesn’t have to be too Spartan, it has to be light-hearted and it needs people to open up for you to get the best results.

Use these ideas, and you will have no problem keeping your personal touch as a recruiter. Take your time, make sure that you implement all these tips and try to showcase your true, personal qualities as well. Add those into the mix, and it will be a lot easier for you to be a wonderful, distinct recruiter!

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