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5 Facts You Need To Know Before Hiring A Temporary worker

Are you looking to hire some temporary workers anytime soon? Then it’s important to know more about them and their job’s nature! With that in mind, we created a list with some of the most important things and facts you may want to learn about temporary workers. While temporary workers are the backbone of our society, they sometimes lack the recognition they deserve. Read onward for some great facts about temporary workers!

40% of all workers have contingent jobs

According to Forbes, it’s quite astonishing to see that around 40.4% of the US workforce is actually comprised out of contingent workers. The very interesting thing about all of this is that most of these jobs pertain to standard part-time workers. Then you have self-employed workers, independent contractors, contract company workers, on-call workers and agency temps. But you can find only 1.3% temps, which is quite interesting!

The US economy has 10% more temporary workers than 10 years ago

This shows that there’s a shift towards temporary positions instead of 9 to 5 jobs. With more and more people having a side hustle online, it’s easy to see why many employees prefer the idea of being a temporary worker instead of a full time one.

During a single year, US staffing companies hire at least 15 million temporary and contract employees

It’s easy to see that there’s a huge demand for temporary workers and that’s going to increase shortly. Companies are less focused on hiring full-time personnel, instead, they just acquire temporary staff when needed. It’s a lot easier for them to get the results they want without having to invest a lot of money into this.

Temporary workers make up around 2% of the US labor force

According to LaneReport, the US workforce does have quite a lot of temporary jobs. Since millions upon millions of jobs require temporary staff, it’s easy to see that our economy tends to rely more and more on temps. Which is a good thing, because it helps companies and at the same time it makes the economy grow too. So, basically, everyone gets to win here!

1.42 million temporary foreign workers were employed with nonimmigrant visas in the US during Fiscal 2013

What this shows is that a lot of temporary workers are coming from outside the country. Sure, some of them are US residents, but most of them arrive from countries like India, Mexico, and many others. This helps US companies a lot, because, alongside deductions, they do get access to the cheaper workforce.

As you can see, there are lots of things you may not know about temporary workers. One thing is certain, there are more and more temporary workers right now, and we will see even more in the future as they do have a major contribution to the economy. Based on the current trends, it’s safe to say that we will soon have at least 3% out of the entire workforce comprised of temporary workers. So, temporary workers are becoming increasingly important for our society, which, in the end, is a very good thing as it helps the US economy and companies from all over the country!

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