7 Tips to Stay Healthy While Working Night Shift Nurse

7 Tips to Stay Healthy While Working Night Shift Nurse

Staying healthy if you do night shifts often sounds pretty challenging. You see, night shifts are shifting your metabolism and they end up making you sleepy. Not only that, people that do lots of night shifts tend to ear irregularly, they skip meals, and they just end up living an unhealthy lifestyle. So, what you can to do stay healthy even if you are a nurse and do lots of night shifts?

  • Don’t drink coffee or energy drinks

If you want to retain a good health, then avoid drinking coffee just to stay up during the night. Instead, create a good sleeping schedule and sleep for at least 7-8 during the day. This way you won’t have to rely on coffee or any other type of drink. The same thing goes for energy drinks. They are sugar based, and in the end, you get to have health issues. What you want to do is to replace all of these with natural foods. Eat an apple, drink water and stay hydrated; it’s a lot healthier!

  • Exercise whenever you can

Workouts are important if you have an unhealthy lifestyle. So, try to go to the gym at least 1-2 times per week so you can work out. Free up some time and try out various workouts while there. This will help you stay away from obesity and various health issues.

  • Create an eating schedule

In case you do night shifts often as a nurse, then you should create an eating schedule. The idea here is to eat your breakfast as soon as you get home, lunch when you wake up around noon or a bit later, and then dinner before you go to work. This way you still have 3 meals, you just adapt them to your schedule.

  • Avoid snacking during the night

Sure, doing the night shifts can sometimes make you hungry. Avoid those situations when you just want to eat a bit more and snack as much as you can. Stick to the aforementioned schedule and the results will be more than ok for you in the end.

  • Stock up on lots of healthy foods at home

Since your night shift schedule is unhealthy, you want to make sure that you have lots of fruit, veggies and healthy products. Even if you like carbs, you can opt for quinoa, rolled oats and brown rice.

  • Don’t drink alcohol during the day

Not only that, but you shouldn’t drink after you come home either. Alcohol doesn’t put you to sleep. And, as you can imagine, if you drink during the day, this can have an impact on your work productivity. So, you want to avoid that the best way you can.

  • Find a hobby

A hobby will help you go through the stress of dealing with night shifts. Even if you have some downtime, you can invest that time in your hobby, searching info about it on the web and so on. Plus, you always need to have a stress relief, and this can work very well for you.

In the end, staying healthy while working night shifts is all about being organized and eating healthily. Working out and avoiding large amounts of alcohol and coffee is also important. This will help you stay healthy despite your different schedule and lifestyle!

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