The 3 top Recruitment Trends of 2017

When it comes to recruitment trends for 2017, there has been a large upheaval in non-traditional trends that deal directly with the ongoing up rise in technology. And, trends that incorporate social media and the internet as a whole have altogether taken a huge surge upward.

Video interviews

Adding on to this category, some leading recruitment strategies now include employers conducting video interviews instead of in-person interviews with potential candidates in order to save time and money. And, what all this means for the job seeker is that technology is truly at the forefront of how employers are sourcing for their employees.

Online Knowledge

Job search sites which post online are now sometimes the only avenue that large companies use in order to recruit for their current and upcoming positions. And, what this all means to a job seeker is that they must keep their online knowledge at an all-time high at all times, they must understand how to take and upload photos, they might even have their very own website, they must be able to upload their online resume, and they must be on top of the game in terms of their video interviewing skills as a whole.

Online Recruitment Strategies

The reason why many employers are now using online recruitment strategies is that it makes a whole lot of sense. No matter where someone happens to be in the world, a virtual interview and instant communication are able to occur through online means.

And, when it comes to a job seeker sending in a resume or filling out a questionnaire, this can also be done easily and efficiently through email, which results in instant communication and quick results between employer and job seeker.

At the end of the day, the recruitment trends of 2017 have a lot to do with automation, efficiency, and cutting costs, which is a blessing for both employers and job seekers respectively.

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