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Identify Key Behaviors and Attributes of High-Performing Nurses_First Health Pro

Identify Key Behaviors and Attributes of High-Performing Nurses

Identify Key Behaviors and Attributes of High-Performing Nurses – Just like any other industry, nurses also have to deal with the pressure that comes from constant challenges. What you must realize in this situation is that you need to be fully committed to value and you always need to surpass the patient’s expectation. At the same time, High-Performing Nurses also have some other tricks up their sleeves, as you can see below.

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Nursing Leadership and How it has Changed in Recent Years_First Health Pro

Nursing Leadership has Changed in Recent Years!

Nursing leadership has changed in recent years – For a very long time, the nursing leadership system was set in stone, and nothing was supposed to change. But in recent years there were quite a lot of changes to the nursing practice and education. Nowadays, nurses also need to possess solid communication skills, aside from empathy and a lot of professionalism.

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7 Ways to Avoid Nurse Burnout_First Health Pro

7 Ways to Avoid Nurse Burnout

Νursеs аrе sресіаl реорlе. Іt іs nо lеss dіffісult bеіng а nursе аs іt іs bесоmіng а nursе. Νursіng sсhооl іs сhаllеngіng, аnd thе vісіssіtudеs оf thе јоb ехреrіеnсе саn bе еmоtіоnаllу drаіnіng. Моst реорlе аrе tоо рrеоссuріеd wіth thе nоtіоn оf sісknеss аnd thеіr оwn wеll-bеіng аrоund nursеs tо thіnk аbоut hоw thе nursеs fееl.

Іt іs nоt unсоmmоn fоr nursеs tо ехреrіеnсе “burnоut.” Тhеу sреnd а shоrt tіmе wіth mаnу раtіеnts аnd thе раtіеnts аrе аlwауs іn а stаtе оf nоt bеіng wеll. Іt bесоmеs dіffісult tо ехреrіеnсе rеlаtіоnshірs wіth реорlе іn thеsе соndіtіоns.

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Advice to Help Nurses Balance Work and Life_First Health Pro

Advice to Help Nurses Balance Work and Life

Balancing life and work as a nurse can be particularly challenging. But as long as you have the right amount of focus and you know exactly what you have to change your schedule, the entire process will be a lot easier. Here you have some good ideas to help you balance work and life in an efficient and professional way.

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Do you Want to Try Locum Tenens Work? Here is What you Need to Know

Do you Want to Try “Locum Tenens” Work? Here is What you Should Know

Do you want to try locum tenens work? Here is what you should know. If the term “locum work” seems strange, that’s because it’s the Latin variant of temporary work. Trying out temporary work can be a very good idea if you have no full-time job now and want to earn a good income. But the reality is that there are some pros and cons that come with locum work. What things should you focus on in this regard?

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Recruitment Trends 2017

When it comes to recruitment trends for 2017, there has been a large upheaval in non-traditional trends that deal directly with the ongoing up rise in technology. And, trends that incorporate social media and the internet as a whole have altogether taken a huge surge upward.

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7 Tips to Stay Healthy While Working Night Shift Nurse

7 Tips to Stay Healthy While Working Night Shift Nurse

Staying healthy if you do night shifts often sounds pretty challenging. You see, night shifts are shifting your metabolism and they end up making you sleepy. Not only that, people that do lots of night shifts tend to ear irregularly, they skip meals, and they just end up living an unhealthy lifestyle. So, what you can to do stay healthy even if you are a nurse and do lots of night shifts?

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5 Facts You Need To Know Before Hiring A Temporary worker_First Health Pro

5 Facts You Need To Know Before Hiring A Temporary worker

Are you looking to hire some temporary workers anytime soon? Then it’s important to know more about them and their job’s nature! With that in mind, we created a list with some of the most important things and facts you may want to learn about temporary workers. While temporary workers are the backbone of our society, they sometimes lack the recognition they deserve. Read onward for some great facts about temporary workers!

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4 ways to keep your personal touch as a recruiter_First Health Pro

4 Ways to Keep your Personal Touch As a Recruiter

4 ways to keep your personal touch as a recruiter – Hiring a great professional can be extremely tricky most of the time, mainly because it will require a lot of time and effort to differentiate the good potential hires from the best. But as long as you take your time and retain a personal touch, you will see that the results can be outstanding. Yet you have to wonder, how can you maintain a personal touch as a recruiter? Doing this is not as easy as you may imagine, so here are some great ways to help you do that right away.

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