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Recruitment Trends 2017

When it comes to recruitment trends for 2017, there has been a large upheaval in non-traditional trends that deal directly with the ongoing up rise in technology. And, trends that incorporate social media and the internet as a whole have altogether taken a huge surge upward.

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7 Tips to Stay Healthy While Working Night Shift Nurse

7 Tips to Stay Healthy While Working Night Shift Nurse

Staying healthy if you do night shifts often sounds pretty challenging. You see, night shifts are shifting your metabolism and they end up making you sleepy. Not only that, people that do lots of night shifts tend to ear irregularly, they skip meals, and they just end up living an unhealthy lifestyle. So, what you can to do stay healthy even if you are a nurse and do lots of night shifts?

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5 Facts You Need To Know Before Hiring A Temporary worker_First Health Pro

5 Facts You Need To Know Before Hiring A Temporary worker

Are you looking to hire some temporary workers anytime soon? Then it’s important to know more about them and their job’s nature! With that in mind, we created a list with some of the most important things and facts you may want to learn about temporary workers. While temporary workers are the backbone of our society, they sometimes lack the recognition they deserve. Read onward for some great facts about temporary workers!

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4 ways to keep your personal touch as a recruiter_First Health Pro

4 Ways to Keep your Personal Touch As a Recruiter

4 ways to keep your personal touch as a recruiter – Hiring a great professional can be extremely tricky most of the time, mainly because it will require a lot of time and effort to differentiate the good potential hires from the best. But as long as you take your time and retain a personal touch, you will see that the results can be outstanding. Yet you have to wonder, how can you maintain a personal touch as a recruiter? Doing this is not as easy as you may imagine, so here are some great ways to help you do that right away.

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Significant Reasons of Becoming a Physical Therapist_First Health Pro

Significant Reasons of Becoming a Physical Therapist

Significant Reasons of Becoming a Physical Therapist, The healthcare service is indeed an industry which is now exploded with opportunities. Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics has revealed that physical therapy is growing by almost thirty percent in the coming years. Prior to this development, it only means to say that there is now a continuous growth in Medicare-based population. With this in mind, do you think that physical therapy is a good career for you to pursue?

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Job Interview_First Health Pro

How to Nail a Job Interview by the First Impression

How to Nail a Job Interview by the First Impression. Nailing a job interview by the first impression takes seconds. Luckily, there are already many hiring managers these days who are taking more time to formulate their own opinion about the job applicant. You need not allow that to happen if you really want to make the first impression only for a few seconds.If you are one of those applicants who wanted to make a first impression, consider the following tips on how to nail a job interview.

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Lower Staffing Levels of Nurses 'Put Patients' Lives at Risk_ First Health Pro

Lower Staffing Levels of Nurses ‘Put Patients’ Lives at Risk

Lower staffing levels of nurses ‘put patients’ lives at risk. Staffing levels can increase the risk of complications and even death if low enough. When staffing levels are too low, work goes undone. Registered nurses cannot get to every patient, cannot do everything they have to do, and the patients suffer as a result. Even when looking at common surgery post-care, their health can deteriorate quickly and when the nursing levels are not there. This is even more troublesome for higher risk patients. Having constant,

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How to Fix Travel Nursing Assignments if it Goes Bad_First Health Pro

How to Fix Travel Nursing Assignments if it Goes Bad

How to Fix Travel Nursing assignments if it Goes Bad? Travel nursing is very much thrilling and fun just like an adventure. It is one of the best times that many registered nurses have experienced in their nursing career. But, what can possibly happen when some things go wrong with your travel nursing? Here are some of the common issues that you may encounter in travel nursing and tips on how you can fix them:

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How CNA Will Affect the Market in the Next Few Years_First Health Pro

How Will CNA Affect the Market in the Next Few Years

How Will CNA Affect the Market in the Next Few Years, The trends and news in nursing can find itself related to what is generally happening in the healthcare industry? Most trends are interrelated with one often spawning another trend that could bring permanent changes or may simply be not more than a mere blip on the screen.  In the health and nursing industry, certified nursing assistants or CNA play the role of help to clients or patients under the supervision of an RN or Registered Nurse or an LP or Licensed Practical Nurse.

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FAQs About Travel Nursing_First Health Pro

FAQs About Travel Nursing

FAQs About Travel Nursing. As you know today the Travel nursing has significantly become one of the highlights in the nursing profession for the past years. As this thrilling job opportunity becomes more prevalent, more and more people are getting curious and interested about it. Are you one of these curious individuals? Well, below are relevant FAQs about travel nursing that may help you answer the questions in your mind.

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